EGI CSIRT is going to present some interesting security topics in the next EGI Conference 2021, which will take place online from 18th do 22nd of October.

  • On Tuesday, 19th of October at 12:00, Pinja Koskinen will make an Overview of incidents we are dealing with and how to improve the response readiness
  • On Tuesday, 19th of October at 12:15, David Crooks will present Incident Response in multiple Service-User-Relation layers and threat intel sharing in challenging environments.
  • On Wednesday. 20th of October at 15:15 Linda Cornwall will give a talk on The EGI Software Vulnerability Group (SVG) – what we do and how we are evolving.
  • On Wednesday, 20th of October at 17:00 Daniel Kouril will give the last EGI CSIRT’s talk about Security considerations in container-based environments.

You are most welcome to join us.