Computer Security Incident Response Team


EGI CSIRT coordinates operational security activities within the EGI Infrastructure to deliver a secure and stable infrastructure, giving scientists and researchers the protection and confidence they require to safely and effectively carry out their research.

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To report a security incident:

To report a software vulnerability:

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  • Prevention of security incidents (security monitoring, software vulnerability handling, risk assessment and mitigation)
  • Incident response
  • Security policy and procedures
  • Security Trainings

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Keeping the EGI infrastructure secure requires an understanding of attack and defense techniques that goes beyond the average skill set of system administrators. Security training is vital to guarantee that local teams are able to use available information for a complete incident response. EGI CSIRT has a diverse catalogue of training modules, developed by the team or by partner institutions.

BMC vulnerabilities

Two vulnerabilities have been found that enable bypassing authentication or injecting malicious code via Redfish remote management interfaces. CVE-2023-34329 - Authentication Bypass via HTTP Header SpoofingCVE-2023-34330 - Code injection via Dynamic Redfish Extension...

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Zenbleed speculative execution vulnerability

A speculative execution vulnerability has been discovered in AMD Zen 2 CPUs.This vulnerability has been dubbed "Zenbleed". A malicious actor could steal sensitive data, such as passwords and encryption keys,resident in the CPU cores. Sensitive data could be extracted...

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